""Susan Robinson is a wonderful singer with an impeccable feel for jazz. She surrounds herself with some of Seattle's best musicians and together they discover new ways to hear these familiar songs. She has a wide range of styles and moods, and in her live gigs brings a great sense of play to the music that always leaves everyone smiling." - Guy Nelson, KUOW radio

   "'My goal is to personally involve  you as a listener. The tune can be silly and fun, emotionally intense, or joyful - I want to bring you in for the ride. “      -Susan


 Seattle- based Jazz Vocalist Susan Robinson began   by performing rock and folk music all through her   20s. After writing and recording an album for KNHC   Radio, her priorities shifted to family and work,   putting music on the back burner until 2009. It was   then that Susan discovered her passion for Jazz music and now works for TEDx Seattle as curator and coach for entertainment. 

Immersing herself in the Jazz culture of Seattle, Susan performed at Jazz Jam sessions in well-established venues like Tulah’s, The Paragon, North City Bistro and Egans Jam House. From there, her popularity rose and she began regularly booking public and private performances in the Pacific Northwest and the Caribbean. 

Her latest passion project is her studio album "Happy Hour" Released May 2019. Sales are brisk - reviews are positive - "Can't get enough" stay tuned!

"Susan is an absolute joy to work with! She's lighthearted, swings easy, has great musical instincts and a wonderful voice to put it all together with. A refreshing, joyous singer!"-Hans Brehmer keyboards, producer



Lake Chelan Wine and Jazz Festival                                                             May 22



Seattle Egans Ballard Jam house Showcase                                               January 22 
Seattle Egans Ballard Jam House Full show  (reservations suggested)  April 3         
 Hans Brehmer Keys/ Jon Goforth Sax/ Osama Afifi, bass

Lake Chelan Wine & Jazz Festival                                                                   May 16 & 17 


Darin Clendenin keys/Brad Boal drums/Alexei Nicoliev Sax/ Clipper Anderson bass
Columbus Aisle, San Salvador The Bahamas                                                                              May 27-June 13
Benefit concert for Australia's animals. Sunset Hill.                                                                      July 31
Siren Song Winery Summer Concert Under the Stars Series.                                                    August 7


Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos                                                                                 Oct 1 - 7

Columbus Isle, San Salvador,The Bahamas.                                                                 Jan 27-Feb 1

Egans Ballard Jam House with Pat Johnston                                                               April  19 

      (2 shows, 7 & 9 pm) $15 cover (reservations needed for this small venue)

Jazz Alley                                                                                                              May 13

    Jazz Alley Seattle, WA                                                                                         

Lake Chelan Wine & Jazz Festival                                                                    May 17-19


Sharkies, Turks & Caicos                                                                                     June 8-16

Mazatlan Mexico La Catrina                                                                               October 8-9